Cable Route Management

Perfect Cable Tray Solutions, a division of Perfect Earthings, provides cable tray management solutions for your application. It replaces the old method of ground-based trenches to route cable ducts into clever high-ceilinged cable trays. We have production units that enable us to manufacture cable tray components to the highest degree of perfection and customer specifications. We source and use the finest raw materials (pre-galvanized steel) and components from trusted suppliers in the industry.

An experienced team takes the lead and uses effective methods to make these products strong. Along with the components required for cable trays such as T-type, S-type and covers, we manufacture a range of tray accessories to assist in installation.

Our vision is to meet the standards and demands of the growing market and supply products anytime, anywhere, regardless of quantity. Our Products are used in various industries such as textiles, retail, engineering, construction, Industrial, Automation and other related sectors. Our products have uniform density, stability and durability, making them the perfect solution for your cable management needs.