Industrial Earthing Solutions

In today’s day-and-age, where industries are heavily reliant on automata and electronic equipment & machinery, over-voltage sensitivity is a real and tangible problem arising out of electrical storms. The smallest of failures in the equipment can cause a butterfly effect, and the interruption thereby can have a major impact on output.

In such cases, where major industries need to have fail safes, it becomes imperative to monitor earthing effects in order to anticipate catastrophic situations of degradation or equipment malfunction. A geoelectrical study also needs to be carried out to understand in detail about the resulting effects of atmospheric electrical storms so that appropriate earthing design can be carried out.

Failure to ensure proper earthing can lead to impaired safety of factory personnel and machinery. Hazardous industries like chemical and petroleum can have a serious effect on the environment in an event of an earthing accident.

Therefore, Lightning Protection for giant infrastructure of industries and major power lines is necessary to reduce the damages caused to the economic function of the industry and the people involved in operations. This also significantly eliminates downtime in production lines, fault in machinery, as well as impacts to computer data, not discounting serious damages like fires and high-voltage shocks.

At Perfect Earthings, we provide Industrial Earthing Solutions for the following industries:

  • Iron and steel, metallurgical and car industry
  • Oil & Gas stations and Refineries
  • Farming, food and silos
  • Chemistry, cement and pharmaceutical
  • Weapons
  • Robotics
  • Textile