Residential Earthing Solutions

Every home and local store today has an ample number of electronic equipment. These sensitive equipment are easily prone to serious damage from electric shocks in the walls or in the electric or telecom supply lines.

In such cases, earthing is one safety element of a home or office that cannot be disregarded or taken lightly. It also requires a thorough geoelectrical study of the soil of the surrounding area and then charting and executing an appropriate earthing design.

Proper lighting protection in these residential areas not only improves the energetic efficiency of the electrical appliances, but also helps avoid unnecessary sparks, shocks, fires and unexpected damages to home automation systems, electronic gadgets & equipment, security & surveillance systems and large electrical appliances.

At Perfect Earthings, we provide earthing and electrical safety solutions to the following residential areas:

  • Condominiums and single-family homes
  • Malls, leisure places, hotels
  • Gas stations
  • Banks