Commercial Earthing Solutions

There are multiple commercial establishments, organizations and monuments that support and house thousands of people at a time. Such places have infrastructure loaded with electrical equipment and sensitive devices that could be damaged in the event of an electrical storm. Some of this equipment is high in cost, and oftentimes support people with diseases, disabilities, children and the elderly.

Hospitals, universities, research centers and schools have lots of people and equipment that need to be safeguarded from electrical storms. Detection of storms is also essential for public safety in large open spaces such as university campuses and grounds.

There are ample historical buildings and monuments where preservation and safeguarding of people, devices and artefacts is of utmost importance. Since these are older constructions made with metal, stone and highly flammable materials, proper earthing safety cannot be neglected.

It is therefore very important to take preventive measures using methods such as storm detection, external protection and internal protection, such as surge protectors and lightning arresters.

At Perfect Earthings, we’re equipped to provide commercial electrical safety solutions for the following areas:

  • Schools and university campus
  • Institutions and astronomical observatories
  • Hospitals and residences for the elderly
  • Stadiums, sport centers and golf courses
  • Zoos and theme parks
  • Beaches and natural parks
  • Camp Sites
  • Safety at work, livestock and opencast mines
  • Ski stations
  • Multitudinous events
  • Museums
  • Theaters
  • Temples
  • Historic buildings
  • Convention centers